Media Hive Studio Multi cam setups

The Media Hive studio now offers an affordable multi camera solution consisting of a solution between 2 and 8 cameras.



Between 2 and 8 Sony PMW 400’s/ Sony PXW Fs7’s

Sachtler V18 or 20’s or similar

Lensing for PMW 400’s

Canon HJ11,14,17,21,22

Lensing for Sony Fs7

Standard Sony 28-135mm or 18-110mm/Fujinon MK 18-55mm or 55-135mm

Control Room

Data Video 8 channel or 12 channel for simple mixing

Blackmagic 2M/e 20 channel paired with Atem 1M/e Advanced panel

48” monitor or similar for Multiview

17” sony monitor for PGM or 15” Lilliput

Hollyland 8 channel communication system possibly 2 kits if 8 camera setups

Sound device PIX240 which can record Prores 8bit, 10 bit or DNX 8bit, 10bit, can also be used as audio backup and timecode generator.

Anywhere from 4 to 10 bnc drums plus jumpers

If available, Blackmagic Pro duo scopes are used as an exposure tool only if the client feels the need.
Clients will need to have a data wrangler or DIT to deal with data from cameras and PIX.
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