The Media Hive building

Lying in the shadow of Table Mountain

The Media Hive building is located in Gardens, a prime Cape Town neighbourhood. Lying in the shadow of Table Mountain, we offer rental units ranging from 50 square meters and more. Large balconies, a relaxing fountain area and spacious roof area makes for a great working environment.

The building has a multi purpose soundproof studio and offers a shared boardroom and presentation theatre, equipped with projectors and high-resolution screen.

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The tenants are a mix of media centric, creative and financial companies.

Sound Stage Studio

The Media Hive Studio

The Media Hive Studio provides a 120 square meter (1292 square feet) studio, completely soundproof (According to BBC standard). The Visual Impact Studio has a dressing room, kitchen and full bathroom. The studio comes equipped with Sound Attenuated air conditioning to further improve the soundproof rating. The studio is a drive-in studio allowing clients to drive a vehicle in to the studio when doing car commercials or still shoots.

The Media Hive studio is a green screen studio.

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Visual Impact crew are available to light your green screen if need be.Visual Impact Rentals is in the same building if you need to get equipment,forgot equipment or need assistance during your shoot. The Visual Impact studio is centrally located in Cape Town city bowl, walking distance from parliament & Gardens Shopping Centre.We offer special packages on studio and equipment rentals.

Highest viewing experience

The Theatre

Using the THX Critical Monitoring Room is the best way to ensure that your work will look and sound exactly the same, no matter where it is played. We use the Sim2 HD Projector, endorsed by Francis Ford Coppola, and are set up for 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, resulting in picture and sound quality that is simply as good as it gets.

Well Equipped

Offers a well-equipped projection theatre equipped with luxury cinema seats for 10 viewers.

SIM 2 HD projector

The SIM 2 HD projector endorsed by Francis Ford Coppola offers the highest of viewing experiences.


Well Equipped

Suitable for grading features, commercials, editing and viewing


We offer catering, drinks and snacks depending on your needs.

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Allow us to guide you through The Media Hive Building with our virtual tours and give you an idea taster of what it's like inside.


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The Roof

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Studio Green Room

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Studio Bathroom

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